Tuesday Jul 17, 2018 11:07 EST

Casting your BPBALLOT...

In order to cast your ballot, please provide your Email address, Password and PIN# that you've received at the time you've registered.

When using BPBALLOT to conduct an election of directors, you may vote for as many candidates as there are open board positions as indicated on the voting screen.

Please review your candicate selection carefully before submitting your ballot, as this action is final and irrevocable.

When using BPBALLOT to conduct another type of membership vote, please review the voting materials which accompany the online ballot before casting your ballot.




Forgot Password?

Forgot PIN#?

Please remember, that you must first undergo the "Voter Registration" process before you're eligible to vote. If you have not yet registered, please do so by clicking on the "Voter Registration" tab and proceed accordingly.

To cast your vote click on the 'Cast Your Vote' tab, enter your Username, Password and the PIN# assigned to you at the time that you registered, and continue by casting your vote.

That's it!!!

To view the vote results click on the 'Vote Results' tab, enter your Username and Password, and continue by reviewing the Vote Results.